Why recycle your motorized carts?

Motorized carts and cart retrievers don't break down when they're sent to landfills.

A large amount of space is taken up by each motorized cart and cart retriever thrown out.

99% of motorized cart components can be recycled, re-certified or scrapped instead of sitting in a landfill.

How many football fields would 43,166 motorized carts cover?

10.51 football fields

43,166 motorized shopping carts and cart retrievers would cover 10.51 football fields.

How many dumpsters would 43,166 motorized carts fill?

2,374.13 dumpsters

43,166 motorized shopping carts and cart retrievers would fill 2,374.13 dumpsters.

How many Olympic sized swimming pools would 43,166 motorized carts fill?

14.39 Olympic size swimming pools

43,166 motorized shopping carts and cart retrievers would fill 14.39 Olympic size swimming pools.



Motorized carts and retrievers go through a lot. Whether it be weather, accidents or user damage, there comes a time where the product ends its lifecycle. When the cart or retriever reaches this point, it is more expensive to replace many parts and maintain regular service than replacing the unit.




Any cart severely damaged in an accident may not be salvageable. Rather than disposing the entire unit into a landfill, our recycling program can save specific parts and/or repurpose materials found on the cart or retriever.




Upgrading to a new product may mean the retirement of the current fleet. Help us repurpose and recycle materials from older models into parts that can be used again.

Motorized Cart Recycling_Step 1_Icon

Step One

Recycle any brand of motorized shopping cart or cart retriever by filling out our form.

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Step Two

After filling out our form, a team member will contact you to determine cart transportation to us and your credited amount.

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Step Three

Your old motorized cart will be recycled by one of our team members, kept out of landfills, and usable components will be re-certified for purchase.