About Our Program

In 2009, motorized cart recycling, a division of Amigo Mobility opened its doors as the first and only program of it’s kind. After years of working with grocery stores, they discovered warehouses, storage rooms and dumpsters were filled with motorized shopping carts, cart retrievers and more when their lifespan is over.

Our passion for protecting the environment caused us to seek a better way.

The mission of motorized cart recycling is closely tied to that passion by breaking down that used equipment into reusable parts rather than taking them to landfills. We buy used equipment directly from retailers nationwide. After quality testing, the warrantied parts are recycled, repurposed or recertified back into the marketplace for a lower cost than new parts.

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Step One

Recycle any brand of motorized shopping cart or cart retriever by filling out our form.

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Step Two

After filling out our form, a team member will contact you to determine cart transportation to us and your credited amount.

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Step Three

Your old motorized cart will be recycled by one of our team members, kept out of landfills, and usable components will be re-certified for purchase.