The first motorized shopping cart recycling program

When motorized shopping carts stop working, many end up in landfills where they remain. In 2009 we developed our motorized shopping cart recycling program – a division of Amigo Mobility – as our responsibility to create a greener earth. Currently thousands of carts and retrievers are recycled and disassembled per year. Once disassembled, parts are tested, cleaned, re-certified and then sold to service providers at a lower cost.

We've recycled:

Motorized carts and retrievers
Pounds of batteries
Pounds of metal

and we've only just begun.




There must be a better way. At Amigo, we have stuck to the belief that we can find a better way in mobility, in doing the right thing and in treating our team as family. Part of this mission is finding environmentally friendly ways to do business so we can help protect the earth around us. Collaborating as a team, we found a better way for recycling motorized carts and retrievers.

For the year of 2021, we recycled:

Recycle your motorized carts now

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Step One

Recycle any brand of motorized shopping cart or cart retriever by filling out our form.

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Step Two

After filling out our form, a team member will contact you to determine cart transportation to us and your credited amount.

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Step Three

Your old motorized cart will be recycled by one of our team members, kept out of landfills, and usable components will be re-certified for purchase.